Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Hello :)

Heey guys, what's up ?!

Well, this is my very first blog entry so pleeease be kind. I decided to start blogging quiet a longer time ago, but I've been struggling with the back round and stuff, BUT babaaaam ... here it finally is!

Just today I have thought about Nail Art! I think it's pretty cool, so I actually painted little cupcakes on my sister's fingernails for like one and a half hour :D I've absolutely been into light colours during Spring ans Summer for your nails so here you can see the colours I really liked this season <3 As you can see yourself every time you take a look out of the window it starts getting autumn so I think you should definitely use the last warm days to wear summer stuff.. including Candy Nail Polish!

What can I also say? Oh yeah, what I also  love wearing is lace in all variations :) I got a pretty cool top by VeroModa and a vest by Zara for example (both made out of lace) and I think you should still wear your light and candy coloured stuff for the coming season. I think it's pretty cool to mix a summer lace top in Candy Colours with a simple Nude pants to get a pretty awesome autumn outfit :)

And OMG I've watched the Valentino Fashion Show for Summer or Spring ( I'm not really sure about which anymore) and swear I did it just for fun!!! Just for fun 'til I saw this amazing dress!!! It honestly made me DrEAm of it... but honestly, who can afford a dress for like 1800 €?? Right, No one except for Serena van der Woodsen and Lola Ciccone! So I have started to actually make this dress myself together with my grandma. It's not finished yet but I'll send you a photo when it is. Here you can see the original version from the runway.

Ok, this should be all for today coz I'm REALLY getting tired. So I hope you enjoyed my first blog entry and will keep reading it :D If you have any questions just leave a comment.

Xoxo Ray

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