Friday, January 25, 2013


Hello My Dear Followers
I'm so unbelievable sorry for not having blogged for such a long time.. I swear I do feel horrible :D So what's new in the world? I kinda completely skipped autumn so I will just tell you about my favorites and must haves of this winter.
I'm still totally into Bordeaux! It's just so cool to spice up boring Jeans and the H&M Tank-tops. What I also like is this new Lipstick line by Chanel called "Rouge Allure"and I know they are quite expensive, but i SWEAR that they're damn worth their money.  I got "Renovation" for Christmas and I'm absolutely in love with it *-*. though my mum hates me to wear it to school :D So here you can see some of  the Bordeaux stuff I have, just to see what you can do with it. <3<3

Ok what else? Well I saw on Facebook a couple of days ago that one of my favorite brands Hollister is having a big fat SALE right now plus a 5€ shipping  flatrate <3<3 Also I found a pretty cool secondhand shop where I got a BEAUTIFUL Valentino Winter jacket for just 170 € coz they had reduced it twice. My sister and me planned to go to Frankfurt tomorrow to do some serious shopping but coz I got really sick tonight we'll probably go next saturday! I just pray that Hollister won't end up with it's sale this week :/ I also went on net-a-poter and saw that they r actually having reduced quite EVERYTHING too, for example Gucci Shoes 70% off!!!!!

BUT nevertheless  I got the new Parfume, "Coco Noir" by Chanel, I think together with "Truth or Dare" by Madonna it is one of the greatest winter perfumes :)

One thing I really dream of is a pair of Louboutins <3 Those below are the ones I found on net-a-porter.. This is the model I'm totally in love with, I just don't really like the color, so I'd like 2 have those in black.   On this picture you can see the ones I'd like to have, I'll go an check if they're having those in my secondhand store ;)

OH YEAH... I've also seen quite a lot of times my inspiration and role model Madonna wearing those shoes. You probably heard it already but she's now having a new collection called "Truth or Dare by Madonna". They're having two fragrances named "Truth or Dare" (See above :P) and "Naked", a lingerie collection and... SHOES. If you're lucky and live in America you should definitely get some of those shoes although they are not the cheapest. Talking about brands.. have you seen the last Chanel Fashion show? I saw a couple of dresses I really liked, just the dresses which were kinda bound at the bottom looked quite odd to me... but I'll never ever be able to criticize Karl Lagerfeld, he's a goodness in fashion. Well, more after my next shopping trip :) SO finally, if you want to really do me favor, just tell your friends about my blog because I haven't really reached a lot of people so far :) If you have any question or something just post a comment... but now enough of this, I don't want you to get bored!

Xoxo Ray

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