Sunday, April 7, 2013


Hey everybody out there, it's me!

I haven't been there 4 you guys coz I've spend my Easter holidays at my Aunt's and Uncle's in Zürich and honestly, I've had an INCREDIBLE Time there. So I didn't really get to taking some pictures of me wearing some cool clothes.. we've been so busy!! Skiing, Hammam (=Turkish Spa), Theatre and LOTS of good food. So I just got to buy one blue pants, but anyways I've had a gorgeous time there. 
I'm totally into Switzerland, all the beautiful mountains and landscapes, the stunning city ZÜRICH which I love so much and my wonderful aunt and uncle. I'd have loved to stay longer but I'll have to be back to 

school tomorrow, so yeah.. I had to leave. 
Just a pic for you from the endless beauty of Switzerland... and of the food I've been enjoying there, so 1. Spanish Tapas ind a really good bar and 2. "Äpplermagronen" which is indescribable good, you'll just have to try it!!

So for now, that's it.

Xoxo Ray

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