Tuesday, April 23, 2013

VOGUE's 80s 4 Spring

Hello Everybody!

VOGUE Vol. 1                                                                                                              VOGUE Vol. 2

As I promised you last time I'm about to tell you about the looks for this year's spring.

The first one that I'm showing you today was deeply inspired by German VOGUE's 80's edition and her Majesty Madonna. So, just for you - my interpretation of the 80s for 2013, enjoy it!

Leather jacket: Only
Leather pants:  Jake*s
Oxfords:         Paul Green
Riveted Bag:   ???

- White Socks (!!!)
- Loads of Bracelets
- A big necklace
- Black bra
- XXL glasses
- Rings
- A picture of Madonna (lol)

Just  another view... I absolutely loved those bracelets!

-> The woman who kinda founded the 80s way of dressing up... Madonna <3

<- Me,  holding thoughtful a riveted bag (Sorry, but I
can't remember where I got it) and a picture of

Till next time,

Xoxo Ray

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