Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A day in our Garden

What an incredible whether!! Although it's turned cold again today it was so warm the last days. What to do if it gets to hot to do anything? 
Possibility 1: going to the pool, Possibility 2: just chilling in your garden. Well, most times I choose number two because I don't like being in public  without make up -  while still loving water just as I did when I was a 5-year old! So I just put on my bikini and moved my ass into the sun to get a nice skin color. Didn't work out as good as I wished it to, but still, there were so few warm days that I think it's okay. Let's move on to the pictures of our beautiful garden with, well, me!! Please excuse the just-top-view, but I took those pictures myself so as you can imagine it was kind of hard to create an entire body view..

Xoxo Ray

Shirt: H&M
Bikini: H&M

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