Sunday, October 27, 2013

I'm Back

Hello everybody,

as you probably all know I've been away for quite a while. Where I have been? I spent my summer in New York, Zurich and Los Angeles. I went
to Malta for a class trip. And lately I've been to Istanbul plus I met Madonna. Well okay - I did not really meet her but at least I saw her. As maybe some of you know M's now having her own Fitness Clubs called "Hard Candy Fitness" all around the world and last week she visited HCF Berlin. As a die-hard-Fan I had to be there of course and totally freaked out when she stood like one Meter in Front of me. Have you heard of Nicole Winhoffer? She's super pretty, sweet and Madonnas Personal Trainer. Check out the picture of the two of us on instagram she took after a little chat! Yessss you got it right, I'm on Instagram now - where I've been sharing some more pictures than here. Sorry about that.

So, this plus school is pretty much how I've spent my time. But now I'm back with lots of good clothes and stories ... and because it's AUTUMN now I think it's time for me to come up with a new Playlist. Stay tuned for my latest looks!!

Xoxo RayOfLight


Autumn Playlist 2013:

Actual Tigers                 Yardwork in November
Alligotah                      Willst du mit mir Drogen nehmen
Avicii                           Hey Brother
Cat Power                    The Greatest
Chef's Special                 Birds
Cher                            I hope you find it
Cher                            Sirens
From Autumn To Ashes  Autumn's Monologue
Imagine Dragons             Demons
Jason Walker                 Cry
Jason Walker                 Down
Jason Walker                 Everybody Lies
Jillian Edwards               I have no other Plans
Lorde                           Tennis Courte
Madonna                      Love Spent (MDNA Live)
Madonna                      Open your Heart (MDNA Live)
Madonna                      Broken ( Unreleased)
Madonna                      Hey You!
Miley Cyrus                  Wrecking Ball
                                                                               Natalie Merchant            My Skin
                                                                               Neko Case                    I wish I was the Moon tonight
                                                                               Shinedown                    Her name is Alice
                                                                               The Walkabouts            The Lights will stay on

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