Monday, November 4, 2013

November's Arrival

It's cold. It's raining the entire day. The first shops sell chocolate Santa Clauses. It must be November! And what was better for this depressing month than some cool Outfits? Because of all the time I now get to spend inside I started playing around with my New but also my Old clothes. That's how I came up with several cool Outfits I will present you over the coming season. So snow exclusively the Outfit from Today!

As you see it is quite classy, perfect for a meeting, a dinner or to just feel a little posh over the day. I am so much into pencil skirts for the coming season as you can wear them to quite everything and still never look under dressed. More to that in the next Post!

Skirt - Schuhmacher
Blouse - H&M
Snake Clutch - H&M
High Heels - Small Shop in NY

Xoxo Ray


  1. I love this outfit, I actually did the same thing, and I got all the three outfits I created into polyvore, and made it a post :) Love your style!!!


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  3. The shoes are amazing! The outfit is interesting, is really classy, I always liked pencil skirts, but I think they make me shorter than I am haha.