Friday, December 27, 2013

Merry Christmas

Although there hasn't been any snow in Germany the Holidays once again have come and gone. Here we do not celebrate Christmas on the 25th of December but on the 24th. The pictures below were taken Christmas Night, I am wearing a black Mango dress with a  belt like golden stitching around the waist which definitely is one of my favorite pieces right now.  I choose to combine it with some shoes I got in New York, thick tights, and golden jewelry. My watch is a heritage piece from my Family, just as the ring which was a present from my Mum. The hair band is from H&M and the earrings were lent to me by my incredible sister who also took the pictures. The 25th was pretty much about sleeping and eating because most of the people in my Family are either living too far away or went on Holiday so we were pretty much alone. For Christmas I got a new Camera and some more stuff that will be visible in the following Outfit posts. Stay tuned for more!

                                                                       Dress - Mango
                                                                      Watch - Heritage Piece
                                                                 Hairband - H&M

Xoxo Johanna

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