Tuesday, January 14, 2014

My beloved Zürich

As I already told You I was in Switzerland past week. And how could a stay there be complete without a trip to the beautiful Zürich? I really love that city - great shops (Trois Pommes!), great architecture and great food. After walking around on the Shopping Mile (Bahnhofstraße) and in the lower part of the city we met with my uncle for a Apero in a very classy bar and then had some delicious mexican food. Furthermore I got some really cool new clothes which I am so eager to share with You.

Due to it was quite cold there I choose to wear my beloved mink fur. I know, I know, poor little minks but those furs are just so cosy, warm and most of all stylish that I honestly could not live without them. And as Anna Wintour once said "There is always a way to wear fur... Personally I have it on my back!"

Until the next Time,


                                                                              Mink Fur
                                                                              Pullover                -      Vila
                                                                              Black Pants           -      Zara
                                                                              Riveted Boots        -      Hallhuber
                                                                              Bag                     -      DKNY
                                                                              Necklace              -      H&M
                                                                              XXL-Sunglasses     -      VOGUE

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