Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Blue Marine

Hi Everybody,

as you have probably realized I have been away for a REALLY long time. The reason? I am graduating from the german form of High School right now and all the test and learning kept me off writing for the blog. But now I am almost finished and as the weather gets better I am so in the mood to wear all my new dresses, skirts and colorful jewelry.
The trend for this spring? Flowers, flowers, flowers. Just put on a floral dress or shirt and the whole outfit looks so fashionable. More on the on my next post. So far my other favorite trend, colored statement necklaces. Can spring get anymore beautiful?

XX Johanna

Dress:  Sparkle & Fade
Blazer:  Esprit
Sunglasses:  Vogue
 Statement Necklace
Black High Heels

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